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Originally uploaded Sept 17th 2012 – Jeff Johnson Owner of Game and Train Interviews STG Strength and Power Owner Michael Petrella.Topic of discussion is plateauing in weight training and dieting.

Originally uploaded July 5th 2012. – Jeff Johnson owner of Game N Train interviews STG Strength and Power Owner Michael Petrella

December 19th 2011 Dave Durrell of High Intensity Nation recorded a 1 hour interview with Head Trainer at STG Strength and Power Michael Petrella

September 25th 2010 – Mike Lipowski, Host of the FITNESSpreneur radio who interviews STG Strength and Power Owner Michael Petrella



Printed August 23rd 2012 – Brantford Expositor



Original broadcast – October 19th, 2010 – Rogers First Local


Original broadcast – September 5th 2010 – Courtesy of CBS KIDK Idaho


Printed Thursday, October 7, 2010 – Brantford Expositor




Printed July 13th 2010 – Brantford Expositor


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