STG Strength and Power offers only the best and most effective training equipment, including the following:

MEDX Medical (Lumbar) Low Back
MEDX Medical Cervical Extension
MEDX Medical Rotary Torso
MEDX Medical Leg Extension
MEDX Medical Rotary Neck
MEDX Torso Arm
MEDX Leg Curl (seated floating seat)
MEDX Leg Extension
MEDX Triceps
MEDX Chest Press
MEDX Overhead Press
MEDX Lateral Raise
MEDX Abduction
MEDX Hip Extension
MEDX Hip Flexion
MEDX Chest Fly
MEDX Hip Adduction
MEDX Avenger Leg Press
MEDX Core 4 Way Neck
MEDX Core Rotary Torso
MEDX Torso Flexion
MEDX Pullover

Nautilus Duo-Squat
Nautilus Super Geared Hip and Back
Nautilus Infimetric Bench Press
Nautilus Low Friction Torso Arm
Nautilus Low Friction Row
Nautilus Behind Neck/Torso Arm
Nautilus Double Pullover
Nautilus Duo-Poly Pullover
Nautilus Time Machine Pullover
Nautilus Plate Load Pullover
Nautilus Plate Load Bi/Tri
Nautilus Compound Leg
Nautilus Omni Multi-Exercise
Nautilus Omni Biceps
Nautilus Omni Triceps
Nautilus Double Chest
Nautilus Double Shoulder
Nautilus 10 Degree Fly
Nautilus 40 Degree Fly
Nautilus Compound Biceps
Nautilus Compound Triceps
Nautilus Neck and Shoulder
Nautilus Rotary Shoulder
Nautilus Rowing Torso (1st gen and next gen)
Nautilus Super Forearm Next Gen
Nautilus Behind Beck Next Gen
Nautilus Duo-Poly Pullover
Nautilus Infimetric Hip and Back
Nautilus Low Friction Dip
Nautilus Nitro Triceps
Nautilus Nitro Decline Pec Fly
Nautilus Rotary Neck
Nautilus Leg Curl
Nautilus Super Duo-Squat
Nautilus Leg and Back
Nautilus Omni Chest Press
Nautilus Omni Shoulder Press
Nautilus Xpload Leg Press

Pendulum Squat Pro XT
Pendulum Seated Squat
Pendulum Hip Press (OG)
Pendulum Chest Press
Pendulum Shoulder Incline
Pendulum Lat Pulldown
Pendulum 3 Way Row
Pendulum Leg Curl
Pendulum 5 Way Neck
Pendulum Reverse Glute Ham
Pendulum Power Grip Pro (Original)

Hammer Strength Deadlift
Hammer Strength Gripper
Hammer Strength Wide Chest
Hammer Strength H Squat
Hammer Strength High Pull
Hammer Strength High Row
Hammer Strength Mid Row
Hammer Strength Tibia Flexion
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
Hammer Strength Multi-Hip

Amerilift Monolift
Dynavec Gluteator
Dynavec Plantaris
Nebula 35 Degree Leg Press
Nebula Hack Squat
TK Star Standing Calf
TK Star Super Sonic Seated Calf
Flex Leverage Chest Press
Cybex Advanced Chest Press
Atlantis Assisted Chin Dip
Atlantis T-Bar Row
Bodymasters Calf Quad
Paramount Total Leg
Westside Barbell Rack
Westside Barbell Inverse Curl
Westside Barbell Hip and Quad
Bodymasters Standing Leg Curl
Bodymasters Lateral Raise
Cybex Shoulder Press
Strive Abs
Prime Calf Raise
Prime Leg Extension
Randy Coyle Swing Squat
Atlantis Cable High Row
Icarian/Precore Long Cable Row
Icarian/Precor Donkey Calf Raise
Heavy Duty Power Rack
Custom Trap Bars
Safety Squat Bar
York Olympic Power Bar
Texas Power Bar (Buddy Capps)
Okie Deadlift Bar
York Olympic Plates
T – Grip Barbell
Maximum Advantage Grip Pulldown Bars
Ivanko Calibrated Olympic Plates
Frank Zane Leg Blaster
Atlantis Cable Crossover
Power Blocks
York Adjustable Dumbbells up to 200 lbs
Ivanko Gripper
EZ Bars
York Arm Blaster
Plate Mates
Shoulder Horn
EliteFTS Bands

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  1. I have some 1st and 2nd generation In my personal training facility!!
    Love them!!
    Your place is Amazing!!
    Gym Heaven!!

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