At STG Strength and Power, we are a one-on-one personal training facility; however, under that umbrella, we offer many different services. The basis of our program is full-body High Intensity Training, which ensures maximum stimulation of all major musculatures of the body in a minimum amount of time.

Intensity-based exercise is about finding the right amount of exercise the body needs to create positive adaptation (muscle growth, fat loss, strengthening of joints, etc.) It is not about doing countless sets of the same exercise or just moving through an exercise without purpose. In our programs, we make sure you are getting the most out of each set and each rep.

All of our equipment is bio-mechanically correct and satisfy all requirements for full-range exercise. Re-habilitation and, perhaps more importantly, pre-habilitation is on the forefront of everything we do. Strictly lower back programs are available. In many cases, one session per week is all that is required for great results in this area. As documented through MEDX testing at the University of Florida, when the lower back becomes pain free and strong, direct training for the lower back may only need to happen once every 3 weeks (for more information on Low Back Rehabilitation check out the “MEDX” section of this website).

Initial consultations are always free.


$75 a session
$65 per session if you purchase 10 sessions

Please use the contact section of this site for any questions or comments regarding these topics and rates.


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  1. Mike

    Hi Mike i’m interested in your services to help with my strength and maintain my overall health, specifically dealing with a lower back issue i fortunately haven’t had issues with for over a year. I currently exercise at home with limited equipment using mostly body weight exercises like push ups, chin ups, pull ups and assorted parallel ring movements. I live near Port Dover but am currently working in Cambridge and pass by your gym on my way home. I would like to talk to you when you’re available, feel free to give me a call when you have time to chat, thanks 905 531 9554

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