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Michael Perilli

General Manager

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As most, Michael started out in fitness through sports. Growing up, Michael was a multi-sport athlete, playing the likes of soccer, football and basketball, where fitness played a roll, however, it wasn’t front and center. It wasn’t until he picked up Rugby and started to excel, then things shifted. Michael was fortunate enough to represent Brock University on the USports Level, and both Team Ontario, and Team Canada on the National Level. This is where he learned the importance of training and became obsessed with improving the human body through movement and weight training. These experiences, and the drive to improve himself and others lead to the start of Michael Perilli Personal Training – to which Michael is the proud to be the owner, operator, and head trainer.

Michael Graduated from Mohawk College in 2016 with a diploma in Health, Wellness and Fitness accompanied with a CanfitPro Personal Training Specialist certification. Before that, Michael studied Kinesiology at Brock University. He then explored the fitness industry gaining experience in personal training, group fitness and athlete strength and conditioning. Michael went on to find a passion for high intensity strength training which led him to STG Strength and Power.

Michael has experience with individuals of all ages, skill levels and functional abilities. Michael ensures he has a full understanding of his clients’ needs, wants, athletic history, and injuries. This information allows him to tailor each program to effectivity and efficiently help each client achieve their goals.

Michael prides himself on understanding his clients, knowing where they have been and where they want to be in regards to their fitness. Having an ‘athlete’ mindset and a passion for fitness makes him a devoted trainer to his clients. Michael is continuously educating himself to further his ability to help his clients achieve their specific goals.



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