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Conveniently located less than 10 mins from Brantford, Cambridge and Paris.



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  1. Pat

    hey Michael,

    I caught your tour video on YouTube, this is exactly something I have been dreaming to do, rent a small place purchase medx or nautilus and train people on the principles of nautilus and Arthur jones, very few people use them the right way so they laugh at machines, machines done correctly can be brutal, I believe supervised is the only way to push yourself, I hope to start this in the future is it profitable? I work full time so this would be a night gig for me to start, how much did the medx machines average? I see 2nd gen nautilus for around 200-300

    have you seem x-factor machines? applied increase on negative

    anyway just wanted to say you inspired me



    • stgwordpress

      Hello Pat, thanks for making contact. I started the same way you are looking to. Did it as a side job at night after my normal 9-5.
      Over time my clients increased and it eventually became my full time job. MEDX machines are normally a couple thousand a piece used but
      I have found deals in the past. I am aware of X-Force machines but have not used them myself yet.
      If you need any help getting started I would be happy to offer advice.

      All the best.


  2. Mike,
    Hope you take the time to check this out, it is right up your alley (HIT) and I doubt you will be disappointed. I too am a student of Ellington, Aurthur, Mike Mentzer and am always looking to increase intensity, decrease duration and frequency, this is the next level. It takes the (superior) machine and makes it a monster.
    PS Love the old Nautilus, Super Pullover one of my favorites.


  3. Tom Jackson

    Like to set up appointment to come in and talk to you about a program. 519-753-0895

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