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Connor Langpap

Trainer 10+ Years Experience

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Connor has been a part of STG Strength And Power for over 10 years now. Growing up in the same community as Michael, he found an interest in the application of safe and effective training methods through the readings of Mike Mentzer and Arthur Jones. Enrolling in a Police Foundations course, Connor knew physical fitness was going to be important to maintain. Although his career path has lead him to a successful job with Toyota, he operates Moore Fitness as a part time trainer. His passion to help people is not only through his personal training, but his commitment to the community and involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. Connor and Michael have built a very strong friendship over the years and the quality of training that is provided at STG Strength And Power is next to none. Using a flexible online booking system, Connor is able to continue his love of personal fitness while working full time. If you’re looking for someone who is passionate about each and every clients success, Connor would be happy to meet you and to discuss your goals. For more information please contact (519)865-7188. If you’re ready to get started today visit www.moorefitness.as.me and book your time slot!

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“You will never know your limits, until you push yourself to them”

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